Mutual Fund Whistleblower Lawyer

Don’t let a mutual fund or its manager get away with fraud. Contact a mutual fund whistleblower lawyer to find out how to expose them and get rewarded in the process.

While mutual funds are often regarded as safer and more accessible than hedge funds, they are not without their risks. Of course, this is true of virtually everything in the securities and financial industries, but mutual funds sometimes leave investors open to fraud that can rob them of their investments.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is willing to reward people who come forward and supply information of misconduct taking place within mutual funds. It’s not a good idea to take this step without legal counsel, however, and a mutual fund whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates can help you submit your tip anonymously and effectively.

How Does Fraud Occur in Mutual Funds?

In a mutual fund, a large number of investors essentially pool their assets, which are then invested by the fund’s manager. These investments are often in stocks and bonds, and they are made with the end-goal of yielding profits for the fund’s investors.

The investment plan practiced by the mutual fund manager needs to be in line with the fund’s stated goals, which means that the fund’s investors would approve of the investment decisions being made.

Unfortunately, some fund managers take advantage of the trust placed in them. Perhaps the most common form of securities fraud that a mutual fund whistleblower lawyer can help you expose are offering fraud and failing to disclose material information to investors.

Offering Fraud and Mutual Funds

When a mutual fund commits offering fraud, it makes promises to prospective investors that it can’t necessarily keep. For example, if a mutual fund offers a guaranteed return on investment, this is an assurance that it can’t make as the financial markets are always unpredictable and at least somewhat volatile.

Failures to Disclose

Some mutual fund managers get into trouble by making high-risk trades and investments that are out of line with the mutual fund’s prospectus. While some risk is always present, this may be far more risk than the fund’s investors are prepared to take.

When this sort of material information is withheld from investors, the SEC might sanction the mutual fund as punishment.

Blow the Whistle, Be Rewarded

Whether you belong to the mutual fund or have discovered the fraud from outside through independent analysis, the SEC will reward you for becoming a whistleblower if the resulting investigation results in sanctions of over $1,000,000.

Thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act, you’ll also be protected from retaliation by the subject of the SEC investigation. This means that you can blow the whistle, be rewarded, and enjoy legal protection.

Expose Mutual Fund Fraud

Meissner Associates has in-depth knowledge of the SEC whistleblower protections and rewards described in the Dodd-Frank Act: Our firm’s founder helped write them. We can put this knowledge to use on your behalf by helping you expose mutual fund fraud and collect a reward.

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