Tech Industry Whistleblower Lawyer

Do you know of fraud or misconduct involving a tech company? Find out if the SEC will reward you for your information by consulting with a tech industry whistleblower attorney.

Financial fraud and corporate corruption are problems in nearly every major industry—and this even extends to Silicon Valley and the rest of the tech industry. Any publicly traded company is governed by federal anti-fraud laws, and that means that these companies are also subject to regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

From small Web startups to established tech behemoths, the temptation to commit financial fraud is everywhere. If you know of tech industry fraud, a tech industry whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates can help you report it to the SEC and possibly claim a reward.

Tech Industry Fraud: Startups

Small tech startups often enjoy a reputation for prioritizing innovation over profits. Unfortunately, some take advantage of this reputation and defraud their investors—sometimes intentionally and sometimes out of a need to survive.

Being a startup isn’t easy: Even if the company really does prize innovation above all else, it needs to make money to survive, and this requires a solid customer base and wise management of company assets.

Sadly, many tech startups lack one or the other and find themselves in financial trouble at some point. This can lead to the production of false press releases and doctored quarterly earnings reports—all done in the name of making the company look healthier than it actually is so that investors don’t jump ship.

This is fraud, however. Investors have a right to any materially relevant information that could influence their decision to buy or sell, and the true financial state of a company certainly qualifies as “materially relevant.”

Tech Industry Fraud: Established Tech Corporations

In the last two decades or so, a number of Web and tech companies have risen to the top of the tech industry and developed into true corporate giants. These large companies are now often the frequent beneficiaries of lucrative government contracts, sometimes even at the federal level.

Sometimes these contracts are acquired through fraudulent means. A tech giant might donate generously to a political campaign, for example, and then receive one of these government contracts once the candidate officially takes office.

This sort of “pay to play” is illegal and highly likely to result in punitive action if exposed. However, it often takes a whistleblower to bring the information to light, and by coming forward with what you know, you might be able to become one such whistleblower and claim a financial reward for your efforts.

Help from a Tech Industry Whistleblower Attorney

Whether it involves a small startup or a big corporation, if you’ve encountered corporate misconduct or fraud within the tech industry, the SEC might reward you for sharing what you know. Turn to Meissner Associates to ensure that your rights are protected and that you maximize the reward you receive.

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