SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

Find out if your knowledge regarding securities fraud could result in a substantial monetary award by receiving a confidential tip evaluation from an SEC whistleblower attorney.

If you have information regarding the violation of federal securities laws, you could be eligible to receive a substantial financial award by exposing the wrongdoing in question. Thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act’s SEC Whistleblower Reward Program, you can submit an anonymous tip with the help of a licensed SEC whistleblower lawyer and be protected from retaliation.

Meissner Associates is the firm responsible for the second-largest whistleblower reward paid out by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to date: $22.4 million. When you submit your tip to us for evaluation, everything remains 100 percent confidential. You’ll get an honest answer regarding the strength of your information and an idea of what to expect next.

How Strong Is Your SEC Whistleblower Tip?

In order to recover a bounty for your information, your whistleblower tip needs to meet several criteria laid out by the SEC:

  • Be Voluntary – Your tip must be submitted willingly without any form of compulsion. This means that it cannot be the result of a request or demand made by the SEC or any other regulatory body. It also cannot be related to a Congressional, federal, state, or regulatory investigation, nor can it be submitted in the course of a legal or contractual duty to the SEC.
  • The Information Must Be Original – Your tip must be derived from independent knowledge or analysis that is not publicly available. The SEC must also not already be aware of the information that you are providing, making it critical to act on what you know as soon as possible so that another whistleblower doesn’t submit the same information before you do.
  • Result in a Successful Enforcement Action – You can’t receive a financial award unless the information you provide is actionable. The SEC must be able to enforce sanctions as a direct result of your whistleblowing.
  • More Than $1,000,000 in Monetary Sanctions – If the sanctions imposed by the SEC result in the recovery of more than $1,000,000, you will be entitled to a percentage of these funds.

It can be incredibly difficult for any one person to know if his or her information will actually meet these criteria before submitting it to the SEC, which is why anonymity is so important in these circumstances. By submitting your confidential tip to an SEC whistleblower lawyer, you can find out how likely your tip is to succeed at no risk to you.

Determining Your Whistleblower Financial Reward

Should the SEC collect monetary sanctions from the business or institution guilty of wrongdoing, the reward you receive will be somewhere between 10 and 30 percent of this total. The exact percentage that you are awarded depends on a number of variables regarding your tip and the actions you took prior to submitting it.

How significant your information was to the SEC’s investigation is probably the most obvious, but any assistance you are able to provide during the investigation can also increase your final bounty amount. For example, if you are able to interpret obscure data or explain how transactions took place, it could prove invaluable to the investigation and the SEC will reward you accordingly.

Furthermore, the SEC will also take into account whether you first reported the wrongdoing internally. The SEC doesn’t want to encourage people to circumvent internal compliance programs, and doing so could limit the percentage of the sanctions recovered that they’ll reward you with.

Your percentage might also be limited if you yourself were involved in the fraudulent activities or if you hesitated for too long before blowing the whistle. Note that you could still recover a substantial bounty in these scenarios, and that an SEC whistleblower lawyer from our firm will be able to give you an idea of what to expect after evaluating your tip.

What Qualifies as a Securities Law Violation?

The securities industry and corporate finance are both incredibly complex. In fact, it’s not always easy to identify fraudulent activity when you see it. However, there are several types that happen with alarming frequency.

If you are able to provide evidence of any of the securities violations listed below, the SEC might reward you handsomely:

These are just a few of the securities violations that a whistleblower attorney can help you report and recover a bounty for. These unlawful activities can take place in many different industries, including finance, technologies, energy, and pharmaceuticals. If you’ve already reported what you know to the company’s internal compliance program and nothing has changed, it’s time to act, as delaying could reduce the amount that you’re awarded.

You Will Be Protected from Retaliation

Both the Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts protect whistleblowers from possible retaliation. You cannot be fired, demoted, harassed, or threatened for helping the SEC enforce securities laws. If your employer does attempt to punish you, you could then be eligible for reinstatement, double back pay, and compensation for the cost of litigating the retaliation.

As part of our retention agreement, an SEC whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates will defend you against any action filed against you in New York State that arises from and relates to your SEC tip submission and that was filed by the target of an SEC investigation prompted by that submission. This comes at no additional cost to you as we believe that you deserve to be protected.

SEC Whistleblower FAQ

Becoming an SEC whistleblower is a big decision. You probably have a number of questions that you want answered, so we’ve provided some additional information to some of the most common concerns below.

Will my identity become public if my whistleblower tip results in an SEC investigation?

In most situations, your identity will only be made public if you choose to make it so. The SEC will eventually need to know who you are in order to pay your reward, and your whistleblower lawyer will be able to provide you with more information about what to expect.

Can I be a whistleblower if I am the attorney of the company guilty of securities violations?

In most scenarios, the information you possess will probably be governed by attorney-client privilege and be ineligible for a reward. However, there are a few circumstances that might allow you to submit a successful tip, which we can make clear during your tip evaluation.

Once I submit a whistleblower tip to the SEC, how long will it be before I receive my award?

The answer to this question can vary substantially as the SEC doesn’t have enough resources to fully investigate every tip it receives. The more effective that your information is at grabbing the enforcement office’s attention, the more likely that your tip will be acted on. An attorney can make certain that your tip is formulated in a way that will maximize the attention it receives.

Submit Your SEC Whistleblower Tip for a Confidential Evaluation

Meissner Associates understands that submitting a tip to the SEC is a big step to take. When you submit a tip to our firm, the evaluation isn’t just free, it’s also completely confidential so that there’s no risk involved on your end. You’ll get an honest assessment of how strong your information is and how likely the SEC is to act.

The longer you wait, the less money you might be eligible to receive. To submit your tip for a free and confidential evaluation performed by an experienced SEC whistleblower lawyer, simply complete the form on this page or call us at 1-866-764-3100.