SEC Whistleblower Hotline

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s SEC whistleblower hotline was designed to be a convenient way for whistleblowers to report their tip quickly and to the point.

But if you’re interested in receiving an award for the information you’ve provided and aren’t well-versed in SEC regulations and securities laws, it is in your best interest to file your report through an SEC whistleblower attorney.

Complexities in the Whistleblower Program

Becoming a whistleblower is a complicated process. There are many rules that must be met for you to be considered eligible for an award after submitting your securities fraud tip through the hotline. It seems easy enough to call the whistleblower hotline and tell them what you know, but what happens after that?

The SEC operates on information regarding companies worldwide, and tips come in by the thousands every year. It’s easy to see how your tip could get lost among other reports.

If you submit your information through an SEC whistleblower attorney at Meissner Associates, we will maintain contact with the SEC enforcer investigating your claims so that you are well-informed about the status of your whistleblower tip.

In addition, if you became a whistleblower by first reporting it to your company’s internal compliance program, you could be subject to retaliation if the company didn’t act quickly enough in investigating the fraud themselves, or if they chose to ignore your tips to protect the company’s interests.

When you use the SEC whistleblower hotline, how can you be guaranteed that you won’t be demoted, lose career opportunities, be labeled a snitch, or even face termination? Submitting your tip through your whistleblower lawyer is the best way to defend your position within the company.

We have extensive experience in protecting clients from retaliation tactics used against whistleblowers and will utilize the strict SEC protections to ensure that your rights and future are protected.

Protecting Your Anonymity

Many whistleblowers wish to remain anonymous while working with the SEC due to fear of retaliation. Using the whistleblower hotline, the only way you are eligible for an award is if you provide your personal information to the SEC so that they can get in touch with you for an interview and in the event that you are able to claim an award.

By utilizing the assistance of our whistleblower firm, we will submit your tip for you on the condition that you remain anonymous. Once the SEC needs to interview you, we can complete the process via telephone so that your anonymity is protected.

Contact a Whistleblower Attorney Experienced with the Hotline

If you’re ready to become a whistleblower, the SEC has a number of ways that you can report your tip directly to them online, by mail, and through the SEC whistleblower hotline. The most efficient way to blow the whistle, however, is through your Meissner Associates whistleblower attorney.

We will make sure you fully understand the ramifications of reporting suspected securities fraud and protect your right to remain anonymous. There is no time to waste. Schedule your free, confidential tip evaluation with us today by calling 1-866-764-3100 or by filling out our contact form below.