Dodd-Frank Protections Lawyer

As a whistleblower reporting securities fraud, you have a right to several legal protections. Learn more by speaking with a Dodd-Frank protections lawyer.

It’s an unfortunate truth, but corporate fraud and securities fraud are both rampant in many industries in the United States. When moral people encounter this fraud or deduce what’s happening, they’re faced with a choice: allow it to continue or become a whistleblower and expose it.

Of course, this choice really isn’t black and white, as there are a number of factors that play into a potential whistleblower’s decision. While the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) financially rewards whistleblowers, many people still worry about the possibility of retaliation or having their identity publicly released.

The good news is that the Dodd-Frank Act provides whistleblowers with a number of substantial legal protections. By working with a Dodd-Frank protections lawyer from Meissner Associates, you can become a whistleblower while enjoying the full extent of the legal protections available.

Can I Be Retaliated Against for Becoming an SEC Whistleblower?

Under Dodd-Frank, once you submit your tip to the SEC, you receive a number of legal protections. The Dodd-Frank Act enhanced a number of already existing protections detailed by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Securities Exchange Act, as well as introducing several robust protections that were completely new.

As an SEC whistleblower, the subject of the resulting SEC investigation cannot harass, threaten, demote, suspend, discharge, or otherwise retaliate against you. As part of our retention agreement, your Dodd-Frank protections lawyer will defend you against any action filed against you in the state of New York if those actions arose from and related to your tip submission and were filed by the target of the SEC investigation because of the tip submission.

If you are retaliated against, you might become eligible for the following:

  • Reinstatement of your full job or position
  • Double back-pay
  • Cost of litigation, such as court, attorney’s, and expert witness fees

Can I Remain Anonymous as an SEC Whistleblower?

By working with a lawyer, you can submit your tip to the SEC and remain anonymous. As a general rule, the SEC does not divulge the identity of whistleblowers, and the choice to publicly identify yourself will likely be yours to make.

There are a few situations in which the SEC might be legally bound to provide information that could include your identity, such as through an administrative or court proceeding. These circumstances are not the norm, however, and our firm will help you determine if this is likely to occur.

Enjoy Legal Protections as a Whistleblower

The Dodd-Frank Act made it substantially easier for whistleblowers to help the SEC and collect the rewards they rightfully deserve. By working with Meissner Associates, we can ensure that you benefit from all of the legal protections that you are entitled to.

To learn more about how the law will protect you as a whistleblower, contact one of our experienced Dodd-Frank protections lawyers. Simply submit your information for a free, confidential tip evaluation by completing the form below or by calling 1-866-764-3100.