Wall Street Whistleblower Lawyer

Working at a Wall Street bank can sometimes lead to the discovery of securities fraud being committed. If this has happened to you, you can work confidentially with a Wall Street whistleblower lawyer to submit your tip to the SEC and be rewarded financially.

The home of the American securities industry, New York City’s Wall Street has become synonymous with investment banks and the stock exchange. In fact, the term “Wall Street bank” has become a widely used term referring to investment banks in general. Unfortunately, Wall Street is also commonly associated with corporate corruption and securities fraud.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the federal agency whose mission it is to regulate Wall Street and uncover any fraud being committed in the financial markets. This type of fraud is often complicated and difficult to detect, however, which is why the SEC rewards people willing to come forward with knowledge of these activities.

Becoming a whistleblower can be a risky decision, making it wise to work with a Wall Street whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates. By working with an attorney, you can submit your tip anonymously and possibly receive a reward worth millions of dollars.

Securities Fraud on Wall Street

You could discover a variety of different types of securities fraud while working on Wall Street—or anywhere else in the securities industry, for that matter. Securities fraud is most likely to be discovered by insiders, which is why substantial rewards and protections for whistleblowers were implemented when the Dodd-Frank Act became law. However, even company outsiders could still be eligible to become whistleblowers and receive both rewards and legal protections.

These are just a few of the different types of securities fraud that a Wall Street whistleblower lawyer from our firm can help you expose:

Wall Street Whistleblower Rewards and Protections

Whether you work at an investment bank, hedge fund, or brokerage company, if you are aware of securities fraud or inadequate disclosures, you can submit a tip to the SEC and be rewarded financially. If your tip is original, voluntary, and results in fines assessed to the guilty company in excess of $1,000,000, you could be awarded between 10 and 30 percent of the money collected by the SEC.

A successful SEC investigation also means that you will be afforded a number of legal protections against retaliation. You cannot be demoted, terminated, harassed, or threatened for supplying evidence of fraud to the SEC. If a Wall Street whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates submits a tip on your behalf, then as part of our retention agreement, we will defend you against any actions filed against you in the state of New York if those actions arise from and relate to your SEC submission and are filled by the target of the SEC investigation that was prompted by your tip submission.

Contact a Wall Street Bank Whistleblower Lawyer

If you believe that you have important information regarding securities fraud committed by a Wall Street bank, Meissner Associates can confidentially evaluate your tip and tell you how strong your information is. We’ve been helping whistleblowers since 2001, and we can help you, too.

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