Banking Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer

When bank fraud occurs, it can put innocent investors at risk of losing their life savings. If you have information of such fraudulent activity, a banking fraud whistleblower lawyer can help you submit your information to the SEC and potentially claim a monetary reward.

Banking fraud comes in many forms, and much of it can be incredibly harmful to investors. When banking fraud puts investors at risk, information of the misconduct becomes of interest to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which will often reward the whistleblower who supplied the information.

If you think you might have information of this type, a banking fraud whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates can confidentially evaluate the information and make you aware of your options. If your information is likely to result in a successful SEC investigation, we can help you submit your tip so that you can be rewarded.

What Is Banking Fraud?

As mentioned, banking fraud comes in several different forms, and can vary dramatically from case to case. Detailed below are just a few potential examples that a banking fraud whistleblower lawyer can help you expose:

  • Rogue Traders – While some rogue traders are embezzlers, most are simply investment bank employees who have made a bad trade and then made things worse with further trades in an attempt to recoup the loss. Rogue traders are generally only possible if the bank has poor internal controls, which means that their investors are at risk because of the rogue trader.
  • Money Laundering – Some banks are employed as money laundering fronts, usually when a criminal element has purchased a controlling interest in the bank—often unbeknownst to the bank’s other investors.
  • Prime Bank Fraud – These schemes tend to be built around an offering fraud that guarantees either no risk or a substantial return on investment. They often involve overseas investments with lots of official-sounding names that don’t actually exist.
  • Accounting Fraud – Banks that are in poor financial health will sometimes employ accounting fraud to appear financially sound to investors. Obviously, this is a strong example of withholding material information from investors.

Rewards for Banking Fraud Whistleblowers

Any knowledge of substantial bank fraud has the potential to earn a significant financial reward from the SEC. If you are the first to provide your information and the resulting SEC investigation recovers more than $1,000,000 in sanctions, you could then receive between 10 and 30 percent of the money collected in those sanctions.

It takes courage to become a bank fraud whistleblower, but you should know that there are legal protections in place that will prevent you from being retaliated against by the subject of the SEC investigation. The Dodd-Frank Act has made it so that whistleblowers can do the right thing by protecting investors from banking fraud—and be rewarded for doing so.

Connect with a Bank Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer

When you have knowledge of banking fraud that is a threat to investors, Meissner Associates can help you submit your information to the SEC in the most effective way possible. We’ve been helping whistleblowers in various financial industries since 2001, and we can help you, too.

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