Offering Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer

Offering fraud can convince investors that a stock is a better deal than it actually is. If you know of offering fraud, you can protect investors and collect a reward by working with an offering fraud whistleblower lawyer.

Offering fraud is one of the most common types of securities fraud—the second most-often reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in fact. When offering fraud occurs, it means that a stock is being somehow materially misrepresented to investors. This fraudulent activity is often combined with Ponzi schemes and can cause misled investors to lose large amounts of money.

If you have knowledge of offering fraud that has been committed, you can become a whistleblower and report what you know to the SEC. Doing so won’t just protect the affected investors; it could also yield a monetary reward worth several million dollars. By working with an offering fraud whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates, you can find out how strong your tip is and remain anonymous.

How Do I Recognize Offering Fraud?

Securities can be misrepresented to potential investors in an almost limitless number of ways. Offering fraud often—but not always—takes the form of a deal that is too good to be true. Some of the more common variations include “risk-free” stocks with a guaranteed return on investment. Any investment can fail, making this sales pitch a clear misrepresentation.

Other examples of offering fraud might be harder to identify. A company might claim it uses a conservative business strategy that is low-risk, when in reality, its activities could result in catastrophic financial failure.

What it all comes down to is that if you believe that the investors are being materially misled, you might have knowledge of offering fraud that the SEC would be interested to learn. Fortunately, finding out is as simple as submitting a confidential tip for evaluation by an experienced offering fraud whistleblower lawyer.

Be Rewarded for Becoming an Offering Fraud Whistleblower

If your knowledge of offering fraud is new to the SEC and results in monetary sanctions in excess of $1,000,000, you will receive a financial reward worth 10 to 30 percent of the money collected. Not only will you be helping keep investors safe from predatory Ponzi schemes and other offering fraud, but you could also easily secure your financial future in the process.

While becoming a whistleblower takes courage and is a big decision, you don’t have time to hesitate. Your information of offering fraud must be the first that the SEC hears of the scam in question, and waiting too long could cause your potential award to be a lower percentage than it would have been otherwise.

Remain Anonymous by Working with a Fraudulent Offer Whistleblower Lawyer

Meissner Associates can tell you how strong your tip is and whether the SEC is likely to launch an investigation based on it. We’ve been helping whistleblowers expose securities fraud for over fifteen years and have recovered millions of dollars in rewards for our clients.

If you would like to have your tip evaluated by an offering fraud whistleblower lawyer, simply complete the tip submission form below or give us a call at 1-866-764-3100. The evaluation is free and 100 percent confidential, so you have nothing to lose and potentially millions of dollars to gain.