Rogue Trader Whistleblower Lawyer

Have you come across information about a stock trader who has been doing business without the approval of the corporation he or she is employed with? If so, reach out to a rogue trader whistleblower attorney who can help you give your tip to the SEC.

When traders take it upon themselves to make trades and other investments with investor money, they can seemingly make money quickly—for a little while. It’s only a matter of time, however, before their illegal trading or poor investment choices catch up to them and they lose a substantial amount of investor and company money.

If you have insider information about an active rogue trader, you have the opportunity to blow the whistle on his or her securities law violations before the scheme comes to a destructive head. Doing so can not only prevent your company and investors from losing big, but also land you with a monetary whistleblower reward. For help, get in touch with a rogue trader whistleblower lawyer at our firm.

How Rogue Trading Happens

With such large sums of money at risk, it’s easy to wonder how rogue traders are able to make these unauthorized transactions without being detected. Rogue trading in a bank or investment firm is a gray area that is often overlooked as long as the trader is making money for the financial institution. It isn’t until the trader loses a significant amount of money that his or her behavior comes to light.

If these institutions hope to put a stop to rogue traders, thus minimizing the risk to investor funds, they must implement greater enforcement of internal controls and reporting hotlines so individuals who discover rogue trading feel more comfortable reporting their tips to the company and so double-dealing traders are discouraged from participating in unauthorized, risky trades.

When You Blow the Whistle on Rogue Trading

Becoming a rogue trading whistleblower can be beneficial to you, the institution that employs the rogue trader, and the investor trusting his or her money to the institution. By notifying the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the fraudulent activity you’ve become aware of, you are doing your part to protect the integrity of the bank or investment firm and the funds of the investor.

Should the SEC begin an investigation into the rogue trading of the stockbroker due to your valuable information, you could even be eligible for a portion of the recovered sanctions. For this to happen, you must have been the first whistleblower to come forward with this particular information, and you must have done so voluntarily.

Then, if your tip leads to enforceable action by the SEC, and the agency is able to collect at least $1,000,000 in sanctions, you could be entitled to between 10 and 30 percent of the total recovered profits, depending on how impactful the information you provided was to the investigation conducted by the SEC.

Consult with a Rogue Trader Whistleblower Attorney

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