Investment Bank Whistleblower Lawyer

Investment banks are complicated financial institutions that operate within an equally complicated industry. It’s not easy to know when you’ve encountered fraudulent activity, but an investment bank whistleblower lawyer can help you determine if you have information that could be rewarded.

Investment banks play a crucial role within the securities industry, as they act as the intermediary between many investors and the companies behind the stocks being purchased. Unfortunately, these “Wall Street banks” have become synonymous with corporate corruption, and securities fraud often takes place within these institutions.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the federal entity charged with regulating and overseeing these banks. If you have information regarding financial misconduct, an investment bank whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates can help you report it to the SEC and potentially collect a sizable financial reward.

Securities Fraud and Investment Banks

Most investment banks are split into two primary divisions: the advisory division that helps investors make trading decisions and the trading division that takes part in the market to make money for the bank. Because of this setup, if these divisions aren’t properly separated, conflicts of interest can easily arise, often leading to advice given to investors that isn’t necessarily with their best interests in mind. If this conflict of interest isn’t disclosed appropriately, it could be of interest to the SEC.

While these conflicts of interests are some of the most common problems seen in investment banks, they aren’t the only issue present. These are just a few of the other illegal activities that a potential investment bank whistleblower might encounter:

Expose Fraudulent Activity, Get Rewarded

Whether you work for an investment bank or are an outsider who has discovered securities fraud committed by an investment bank through independent analysis, you can report what you know to the SEC and potentially be rewarded. If the information you supply is original and results in sanctions in excess of $1,000,000, you could be rewarded with between 10 and 30 percent of the amount collected.

You’ll want to speak with an experienced investment bank whistleblower lawyer as soon as possible, however. If another whistleblower steps forward before you, you might lose your opportunity. Additionally, the SEC doesn’t act on every tip it receives. Our firm can not only give you an idea of how strong your tip is, but we can also present it to the SEC in a manner that makes it more likely to get the attention it deserves.

Contact a Wall Street Bank Whistleblower Lawyer

Meissner Associates has the in-depth knowledge of securities law that you need on your side. Our founder helped write the SEC rules regarding rewarding whistleblowers, so we know how to help you through a complicated process while maintaining your confidentiality and protecting your legal rights.

To find out if your knowledge of investment fraud could result in a large financial bounty from the SEC, submit your tip for a free and confidential evaluation performed by an investment bank whistleblower lawyer. To get started, simply complete the form found at the bottom of this page or give us a call at 1-866-764-3100. Whichever method you choose, confidentiality is strictly guaranteed.