Conflict of Interest Whistleblower Lawyer

A conflict of interest can result in major harm to investors. By working with a conflict of interest whistleblower lawyer to expose one, you could be rewarded and help investors at the same time.

According to the regulations enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), information that would be material to investor decisions cannot be withheld. This includes information relating to conflicts of interest that could ultimately influence a company’s business decisions.

If you are aware of such information, you might be able to submit a tip to the SEC with the help of a conflict of interest whistleblower lawyer. By working with Meissner Associates, you can find out how likely the SEC is to act on your knowledge and submit your tip anonymously.

Why Are Conflicts of Interest Important?

Companies are required to disclose all information that would be considered material to investor decisions. A conflict of interest can meet this criterion when it impacts how a company conducts its business. If a company or an influential person at the company has a hidden motivation that results in poor business decisions, this can then be harmful to the company’s investors.

For example, if an investment advisor promotes a stock because a family member works at the issuing company, this could result in the stock’s price becoming inflated due to increased investor interest. However, because the investment advice was based on a family relationship rather than an objective reason, the investors could lose money if the investment then turns out to be a poor one.

Whistleblower Rewards

If you are aware of a conflict of interest that is material to investors, the SEC might reward you for submitting the information. If they act on it by conducting an investigation that results in over $1,000,000 in sanctions, you could be rewarded with between 10 and 30 percent of the money they collect.

Many potential whistleblowers are nervous about coming forward with their information. By working with a conflict of interest whistleblower lawyer, you can remain anonymous in submitting your tip. Furthermore, the Dodd-Frank Act includes several protections that prevent the target of the SEC investigation from retaliating against you.

You cannot be fired, harassed, demoted, or threatened for supplying the SEC with information regarding a relevant conflict of interest that would be harmful to investors. This means that you have a great deal to gain by blowing the whistle and can be confident that you will be protected by the law.

Become a Conflict of Interest Whistleblower

Meissner Associates has the experience and firsthand knowledge of securities law that you need on your side when you are considering blowing the whistle on a conflict of interest that could harm investors. Our founder helped write the SEC rules that reward and protect whistleblowers, and we can put our practical experience to use on your behalf.

Find out if you have knowledge that the SEC might reward by submitting your tip for a free and confidential evaluation. An experienced conflict of interest whistleblower lawyer can help you determine if your information would result in a reward. To get started, just complete the form below or call 1-866-764-3100.