Will the SEC Investigate Me If I Blow The Whistle

When you find out that someone within your company has committed fraud, you might be wondering what your options are to hold them accountable and put a stop to it. What’s more, if you were unknowingly involved in the scheme in some way, you might think your options are limited. After all, you don’t want to go down for a crime you had no idea was being committed.

Thankfully, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has committed to investigating securities fraud with the help of whistleblowers across the country. Continue reading to find out what will happen if you decide to blow the whistle on securities schemes.

When You Might Be Investigated

The SEC works to stop securities violations, and this can be done, in large part, with the assistance of whistleblowers. Whether you were accidently involved in the scheme in some way, or you are simply aware of the fraud and aren’t sure what your next steps should be, it’s perfectly normal to wonder whether the SEC is going to investigate you for reporting the fraudulent activity going on in your workplace.

It’s highly unlikely that the SEC is going to put a target on your back. After all, you were brave enough to come forward in the first place. If you were involved in the fraud, then the SEC might reduce your potential whistleblower award—or even deny you one—depending on how much you were involved. The important thing is that you are doing the right thing now.

Winning an Award as a Whistleblower

If you were unknowingly involved in an SEC violation, you could still be entitled to a full whistleblower award as long as you meet certain criteria, including the following:

  • You provide information that is both voluntary and original.
  • Your information allows the SEC to take enforceable action.
  • The SEC is able to recover sanctions exceeding $1 million, based on your information.

When you aren’t sure whether you should come forward with your tip, or if you’ll be entitled to a whistleblower award, you can further discuss the details of your case with a qualified attorney.

Get Help from an SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

Don’t let the fear of being investigated by the SEC stop you from reporting your tip. If you were unknowingly involved in securities fraud, the SEC isn’t going to hold you accountable for the actions of those running the scheme.

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