Is Whistleblowing Ethical?

Financial institutions and publicly traded companies that engage in unethical behaviors, including securities violations, are likely to frown upon whistleblowing and see it as disloyalty to the company. But how can a company that risks investor funds for its own gain point the finger at a moral individual who simply wants to tell the truth?

Protect Investor Funds

The fact is that investors are the crux of financial institutions like banks and investment groups. Without them, stockbrokers, accountants, and managers would be without work. By engaging in illegal activities, unauthorized transactions, and other risky business, companies compromise the professional relationship with investors.

An investor needs to feel that the corporation he or she is involved with isn’t going to put the company’s priorities above those of the investor by breaking the law. When deception occurs and investors are made aware of substantial monetary losses, they take their investments elsewhere. Becoming a whistleblower is sometimes the only way to protect your investors from losing money.

A Workplace of Integrity

A person of good morals doesn’t want to work for a company that doesn’t value integrity. By engaging in unscrupulous dealings, the company puts the reputation of the entire corporation and its employees in jeopardy.

Although the individuals directly involved in the securities violations may see your whistleblowing as a betrayal, your honest, hardworking colleagues should appreciate your ethical attempts to right these wrongs by blowing the whistle.

Speak to an SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

Worrying that blowing the whistle could affect your personal integrity is a common concern among would-be whistleblowers. The fact of the matter is that whistleblowing will always be frowned upon by individuals participating in violations. As long as you can sleep at night knowing that you came forward in good faith, you shouldn’t feel as though you’ve done anything unethical.

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