Stock Mispricing Whistleblower Lawyer

If you know of financial fraud using the promise of mispriced securities, a stock mispricing whistleblower attorney can help you expose the fraudsters and claim a reward.

While most cases of mispriced stocks are due to investors failing to accurately recognize the value of a stock, there are times when mispriced stocks are directly involved in securities fraud. When a stock’s value is deliberately misrepresented, it’s often investors who pay the price—literally.

Any scam that threatens investors could be of interest to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If a whistleblower is responsible for exposing a scheme hinging on mispriced securities, the SEC might supply the individual with a financial reward.

By working with a stock mispricing whistleblower from Meissner Associates, you can find out if your tip is likely to start an investigation and how best to proceed.

How Does Stock Mispricing Factor into Securities Fraud?

It’s important to note that mispriced stocks are not illegal in and of themselves. They often occur naturally within the financial markets when investors underestimate how valuable a stock is. In fact, many investors keep an eye out for mispriced securities, hoping to make a substantial return on their investment.

Stock values are sometimes misrepresented in securities fraud scams, however. For example, an investment advisor might tell his or her clients that a stock is “mispriced” and that they should buy it before the listed price corrects, only to have it turn out that the investment advisor’s fiancée works at the company in question, and that he or she was attempting to artificially boost the value of the company’s stock.

In another example, offering fraud might be committed by a hedge fund manager who guarantees a return on investment by claiming that he or she has identified several mispriced stocks and just needs the capital to make the transactions. The investors could lose substantial amounts of money if the hedge manager didn’t actually identify any such mispriced stocks and was simply making a gamble.

Report Financial Fraud Involving Mispriced Securities

When the promise of mispriced securities is used to lure investors into making poor financial decisions, the SEC needs to know about it. By becoming a whistleblower and exposing the fraud, you can protect others while claiming a monetary whistleblower award.

If the SEC sanctions the fraudster for more than $1,000,000, between 10 and 30 percent of the money collected could be awarded to you for choosing to do the right thing. By working with a mispriced securities whistleblower attorney, you can also remain anonymous and protect your legal rights.

Contact a Mispriced Securities Whistleblower Attorney

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