Stock Manipulation Whistleblower Lawyer

Manipulating the stock market is a serious violation of federal law. By reporting it through a stock manipulation whistleblower lawyer, you might be able to receive a substantial financial reward.

According to federal securities laws, it is illegal to manipulate stock prices and markets so that they appear better or worse than they should. There is a wide variety of stock manipulation schemes, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rewards whistleblowers with large sums of money when they provide information that exposes this type of securities fraud.

These schemes are often both subtle and complex, making it difficult to know if what you’re seeing is truly a scam and what its extent is. By working with a stock manipulation whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates, you can submit your tip for a free and confidential evaluation and find out how likely your information is to see you rewarded by the SEC.

How Do I Know if Stock Prices Are Being Manipulated?

If the securities industry is anything, it’s complicated. Recognizing stock manipulation usually requires a fair amount of insider information, but it can also be discovered through careful independent analysis. Whichever way you come by your information, the SEC will be interested to learn of it.

These are just a few examples of securities manipulation and how they work:

  • Churning – A churning scheme requires a trader to place simultaneous and similarly priced buy and sell orders. The activity attracts the attention of other investors, and the stock’s price rises as a result.
  • Bashing – Unethical investors and investment firms sometimes implement bashing schemes to drive down the price of a security so that they can purchase it at a cheaper price than normal. Bashing schemes usually involve the spread of misinformation and libel regarding the company on relevant social media and online message boards.
  • Pump and Dump – These schemes are often incredibly complex. Fraudsters who own a stock promote it with false or exaggerated information and target investors who don’t know better. These people buy the stock and cause the price to go up, at which point the fraudster sells at the inflated price. The security’s price then drops, causing the duped investors to lose out on their investment.

Benefits of Becoming a Stock Manipulation Whistleblower

By voluntarily submitting a securities manipulation tip to the SEC, you can be the beneficiary of a large financial reward. As long as the information you provide is original and results in sanctions against the guilty party that exceed $1,000,000, the SEC will pay you 10 to 30 percent of the money they collect. What percentage you are awarded depends on a number of factors, and your stock manipulation whistleblower lawyer can give you an idea of what to expect.

You will also receive legal protections against retaliation by the sanctioned entity as a result of your tip submission. You cannot be fired, harassed, threatened, or demoted for blowing the whistle when it results in a successful SEC investigation. While these protections were previously in place for insiders, the Dodd-Frank Act expanded the protections to also cover outsiders who discovered the stock manipulation through independent analysis.

Confidential Tip Evaluation by an Experienced Securities Manipulation Whistleblower

Meissner Associates’ founder, Stuart Meissner, helped craft the SEC rules that reward whistleblowers. We have in-depth, first-hand knowledge of what makes a strong tip submission, and you will directly benefit from our experience.

Find out if your knowledge of securities manipulation could result in a reward worth millions of dollars and remain anonymous at the same time. Receive assistance from a stock manipulation whistleblower lawyer by submitting the confidential form below or by calling 1-866-764-3100.