Market Manipulation Whistleblower Lawyer

Do you have a tip regarding manipulated stock prices? Submit your information to the SEC and claim a reward with help from a market manipulation whistleblower attorney.

The health and stability of financial markets depends on honest actors. Sadly, fraud is commonplace, and investors are at perpetual risk for losing substantial money in trades they wouldn’t have made had they possessed all the relevant information.

Market manipulation schemes are one of the biggest dangers facing investors, and if you’ve discovered such a scam, you can report it to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and be rewarded.

Working with a market manipulation whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates will allow you to submit your tip in the best way possible while protecting all of your rights.

Market Manipulation Scams

When fraudsters manipulate the market, they are deceiving investors by artificially impacting what’s happening in the financial market. Most frequently, this results in stocks appearing to be healthier than they are and with prices that are far more than what they should actually be worth.

Inevitably, the market corrects and the price drops to where it should be—likely after the fraudster has sold the overpriced stock to an unwary investor who then loses thousands of dollars on the trade.

Below, we’ve detailed a few of the more common schemes that a market manipulation whistleblower attorney from our office can help you expose.

Pump-and-Dump Schemes

In a pump-and-dump scheme, shareholders attempt to “pump up” a stock’s worth by promoting it with misleading, exaggerated, and even outright false information. If the scheme is successful, investors start buying up the stock and driving up the price. The fraudsters then sell their shares (the “dump”) at the inflated price and make a considerable profit.

Of course, the fooled investors who bought at the manipulated prices lose considerable amounts of money when the price eventually drops back to normal.


When fraudsters engage in a spoofing scam, they anonymously submit large buy orders for a target stock they already own shares in. The fraudsters then immediately cancel the order before the trade completes.

The momentary order is still enough to cause the stock’s price to jump, however, allowing the fraudsters to then sell their shares at the increased price. As with other forms of market manipulation, once the price returns to normal, investors who bought at the artificially high price will lose financially.

Stock Bashing

Stock bashing is a market manipulation scam that is essentially the reverse of a pump-and-dump. In this scheme type, fraudsters “bash” the company behind a target stock, employing misrepresentations and incorrect information.

The end result is that the price of the stock plummets temporarily, allowing the bashers to buy shares at a greatly reduced price, thereby defrauding investors of a perfectly healthy stock.

Blow the Whistle on Market Manipulation

If you have knowledge of any type of market manipulation, Meissner Associates can help you submit a tip to the SEC and earn a reward. We have the direct experience with SEC whistleblower law that you need on your side.

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