Mismarking Trades Whistleblower Lawyer

Are you aware of a broker who is mismarking trades? If so, contact a mismarking trades whistleblower attorney who can help you bring this information to the attention of the SEC.

When you become aware of fraudulent activity such as mismarking trades, it can put you into a difficult situation. If you’re ready to become a whistleblower and protect potential investors from being exploited, contact Meissner Associates.

Our team of attorneys is well-experienced in securities laws and can advise you accordingly based on the specifics of your information. Don’t let a disreputable broker get away with defrauding the company in which you’ve worked to build a successful career. Let your conscience rest easy by taking the first step and reaching out to a mismarking trades whistleblower lawyer.

What Is Mismarking Trades?

If you are new to the company or new to working as a stockbroker, you may be unsure if the information you have is considered mismarking a trade. When a broker mismarks trades, he or she is deceiving potential investors about the worth of a particular stock.

Mismarking trades occurs when a stock broker mismarks options to obtain lower rates and maximum priority levels. For example, a broker who marks the value of a trade at $250 million when the actual value is only $90 million is guilty of the illegal practice of mismarking trades.

Becoming a Whistleblower

There is very specific information you need to be aware of if you are going to become a whistleblower. First and foremost, you should be aware of the risks. Retaliation, especially if you are a new or up and coming broker, is concerning.

While Dodd-Frank contains provisions that explicitly prohibit your employer from retaliating by demoting you, halting your opportunities for advancement, or firing you, many whistleblowers report being ostracized by their colleagues once their identity as a whistleblower has been revealed.

It may be within your best interests to remain anonymous unless or until it becomes necessary to reveal yourself as the whistleblower. Your whistleblower lawyer will be able to protect your identity from the SEC and others by reporting the information you have and acting as a go-between should the SEC need to communicate with you regarding your tip.

The risks aside, it is crucial for the integrity of stockbrokers across the world for information regarding mismarked trades to be revealed. When you are willing to provide this information to the SEC, depending on the significance of your tip, you may even be able to collect an award for becoming a whistleblower.

The criteria for receiving a whistleblower award include being an eligible person, submitting original information voluntarily, being the first to report the violation, the tip leading to legal action taken by the SEC, and the SEC collecting sanctions of at least $1 million dollars. Of the sanctions collected, you may be entitled to between 10 30 percent of the funds.

Seek Help from a Mismarking Trades Whistleblower Attorney

If you’ve recently become aware of a broker who is in violation of securities laws by mismarking trades and you are ready to blow the whistle on this injustice, reach out to an experienced attorney at Meissner Associates.

Your mismarking trades whistleblower lawyer will be able to protect your identity and submit your claims to the SEC so that you can do the right thing and potentially walk away with a substantial whistleblower award. To set up a free and confidential tip evaluation to discuss the information you possess, give us a call at 1-866-764-3100 or fill out our contact form below.