Hacking Whistleblower Lawyer

When a major data breach goes undisclosed, investors could be put at risk. Do the right thing and be rewarded for it by reporting what you know to the SEC with help from a hacking whistleblower lawyer.

Hacking might not sound like something that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would be interested in, but in certain situations, it can be of intense interest to the agency. There are times when companies need to inform investors of hackings, and when this information is not disclosed, it can eventually hurt those same investors.

In these situations, the SEC needs to know about an undisclosed hacking. If you possess this type of knowledge, a hacking whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates can help you inform the SEC, which could also yield a substantial financial award for you.

When Does the SEC Care About Hackings?

There is no law that requires corporations to disclose a hacking. However, companies are required to disclose information that could be material to investors, and there are many situations in which a cyber-attack would be considered material.

For example, large retail companies have been subjected to hacks that stole important customer information. Hackers have stolen everything from credit card information to email passwords to Social Security numbers.

The fact that the company was unable to protect this information can result in lost customer confidence, which can dramatically affect the company’s business. This makes a hacking of this nature critical information for investors.

If a company attempts to cover-up a data breach only to have the hacking become public knowledge later, investors can be put at risk for trades they wouldn’t have made had they known about the cyber-attack. By working with a hacking whistleblower lawyer, you can protect these investors from a company choosing to illegally cover-up a hack.

Inadequate Controls Against Cyber-Attacks

Certain financial institutions and groups are required to adequately protect sensitive information from potential cyber-attacks. Investment banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and brokerage firms must comply because failing to do so puts the stability of the financial markets at risk.

While inadequate cyber-security might not seem as dramatic as an undisclosed hack, the SEC will still be interested in this type of information. An investment bank that is successfully hacked could result in major turmoil for the markets and put the bank’s client-investors at risk through no fault of their own.

Contact an Undisclosed Hacking Whistleblower Lawyer

If you know of an undisclosed cyber-attack that would constitute material information for investors, the SEC might reward you for your information. Meissner Associates has a long, successful history of helping whistleblowers in a number of different industries, but we have particularly in-depth knowledge of the SEC rules because our founder helped write them.

When you trust our firm with your valuable information, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ll benefit from top-caliber legal counsel and the full protections offered by the Dodd-Frank Act.

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