The Meissner Difference


Meissner Associates is a boutique firm with substantial success and experience in the securities industry. Unlike many other high profile SEC Whistleblower Attorney Law Firms, which promote attorneys who have only recently started to represent individual clients,  the Attorney that manages the Whistleblower cases at Meissner Associates is Stuart Meissner who has been representing hundreds of satisfied clients over many years, including individuals, employees, whistleblowers and aggrieved individual investors for well over a decade and a half since he established the firm back in 2001 after leaving the Attorney General’s office and entering private practice.  As a former prosecutor and securities regulator, Mr. Meissner is familiar not just with whistleblower issues but also with the securities laws which underlie the SEC’s analysis of any given tip.  He has been representing individual whistleblowers, employees in a variety of securities industry related employment disputes and investors seeking the return of lost investor funds from major Wall Street institutions since 2001, before Dodd-Frank was even established. Mr. Meissner has the experience and knowledge to know and advise you as to the type of evidence and information that would encourage the SEC to pursue a case and succeed when they do so.   As documented by the SEC rules themselves, Mr. Meissner was directly involved in the crafting of the SEC rules favoring whistleblowers and was the first law firm to specifically promote the SEC Dodd Frank whistleblower provisions to the general public,  even before there was an SEC Whistleblower Office or rules in existence.


Because Meissner Associates is a small boutique SEC Whistleblower Attorney firm, its entire focus is on you, the client.  If he accepts your case, Mr. Meissner will be personally available to you on an ongoing basis to answer your concerns and questions throughout the years it may take to pursue an award.  As he has done already with many happy clients over many years, he will answer any and all questions you may have along the way ranging from how to handle employer related issues such as confidentiality agreements and internal investigations without jeopardizing a potential award or negatively impacting the award amount.  At Meissner Associates, your matter is not handed off to an inexperienced junior associate. Barring any emergency unexpected circumstances, Mr. Meissner will personally handle your matter, attend all sessions with you and be present at each and every SEC Meeting.


Compared to the few firms who also achieved actual whistleblower awards for their clients, due to our boutique size, in appropriate cases we can and do offer a substantial reduction (up to 20%) off the typical contingency fee arrangement if you are interested in such arrangement.  You thus pay no legal fee if your matter does not result in a reward to you and when you receive an award, more money stays in your pocket instead of your lawyer. You will at the same time benefit from the experience, knowledge and personal attention of Mr. Meissner, whose client recently received the second largest award in SEC History totaling over $22,000,000 dollars, 28% of the SEC’s recovery (an incredible feat, as the top reward allowed under the program is 30%). Up to 20% off of your attorney’s fees can add up to millions of more dollars going to you the client and not the lawyer.


unlike our large competitors whose figure heads of their SEC Whistleblower division spend an enormous amount of time traveling the country and the world promoting their firms at lawyer CLE classes, media appearances,  and office openings, our focus is on our retained clients and we do not operate a mill. We provide careful attention to each matter, attend to each client’s concerns and questions, and devote the attention necessary to expeditiously evaluate a case, gather the necessary information and present the tip as soon as possible. It is critical that tips are filed promptly as one central requirement for any award is that the information be “original” which means you need to be the first whistleblower to report that information. In addition, at the time of determining the actual award, one factor in deciding the percentage of the recovery to be awarded is the timeliness of reporting


Mr. Meissner is a former long term criminal prosecutor with both the Manhattan District Attorney and the NY Attorney General’s Office, and has been a criminal defense attorney and FINRA/SEC regulatory attorney for many years.  As such, he is fully attuned to the factors and issues that you may need to be aware of before you file your whistleblower complaint, so as to avoid and/or minimize the possibility that you will be the subject of an SEC civil prosecution and/or a criminal prosecution, as a result of your whistleblowing should you be deemed to have participated in the actions you complain of.


In our recent record award, following the SEC’s Notice of Covered Action in our client’s matter, and our prompt submission of the detailed reward form supporting his entitlement to the highest reward and resulting in his being awarded 28% out of a possible 30%, our client received his funds only seven months from the date of the SEC Settlement with the company until the day the client was awarded his record 22+ million dollar reward and had his cash in his account, which to our knowledge is a record time. This compares to many other SEC Whistleblowers, represented by other SEC Whistleblower attorneys who have been literally waiting years for their rewards after the company settlement, as well reported in the press.​


Our focus is solely on our client. We are not concerned with cozying up to government agencies and we value our clients’ confidences above all. We never reveal or provide formally or informally any identifiable information even to the SEC without the client’s express permission. We also would have no inhibition to complain about any government agency, including the SEC, or any employee of such agency, if needed, if we believe any matter is being handled improperly.


While it should not be needed, we agree as part of our retention to defend our clients against any  actions filed against them in the State of New York if those actions arise from and relate to their SEC submissions and are filed by the target of any SEC investigation prompted by those submissions.


Don’t believe us – when choosing an SEC Whistleblower Attorney believe our many past happy clients who attest to the Meissner difference, going back well over a decade and a half.


Mr. Meissner would be happy to speak with you personally to discuss your potential tip and/or should you require more information regarding his background or the firm.  Contact him today at 212-764-3100 or nationwide at 1-866-764-3100.  We have satellite office locations throughout the United States and the world. ​