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On July 22, 2010 the Dodd-Frank Act took effect and along with it the Securities and Exchange Commission’s historic whistleblower program commenced. Qualified leads which lead to the recovery of 1 million dollars or more by the SEC will allow for a bounty of 10% – 30% of the amount recovered by the SEC to be paid to you the whistleblower.

Bounties are available to anyone, with or without a relationship to the company at issue, whether they are an employee, ex-employee, relative or friend of an employee or officer, spouse or ex spouse, even an outsider who has conducted their own analysis. Depending on who you are, your relationship to the subject company, and your source of information, you have different concerns. As with all whistleblowers your number one concern is confidentiality, while maximizing the amount of any potential bounty, insuring that you receive due credit for the assistance you provide. ​

Besides being one of the first law firms to publish articles on the new law (see and filing the first complaints under the new law, the Meissner firm has been front and center in cooperating and assisting the SEC in their drafting of rules needed to assist in the implementation of the new law. As a result of his efforts the Meissner firm is referred to within the SEC Whistleblower Rules published by the SEC. Prior to the publishing of the rules the SEC published Mr. Meissner’s August 17, 2010 comments on its own web site. Mr. Meissner met with various SEC Commissioners themselves in lobbying on behalf of whistleblowers in the crafting of the Rules implementing the Dodd-Frank Banking Reform Law including the Senior Advisor to SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro, Stephen L. Cohen.


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