Florida Whistleblower Lawyer

Whether you work for the company in question or not, when you learn of a potential securities violation and you know that reporting your tip the the SEC is the right thing to do, reach out to a qualified Florida whistleblower attorney.

Having knowledge of fraudulent activity at work is a burden no one should have to bear. Worries about how the scheme will affect the public, investors, and even your coworkers can be a challenge in and of itself. That’s not to mention the fear of retaliation if your employer discovers you blew the whistle on a securities violation.

But you can ease your mind and take the first steps toward putting a stop to securities fraud. Reach out to a knowledgeable Florida whistleblower lawyer at Meissner Associates. We have experience in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblowing and investment schemes, which means we can give you the opportunity to win an award from the SEC whistleblower program.

Qualifying for a Reward as a Whistleblower in Florida

To become an award-winning whistleblower, you’ll need to meet certain requirements laid out in the SEC whistleblower program guidelines. First and foremost, the tip you provide needs to be given voluntarily. Soon after you obtain information, you should report it because, if the SEC has begun to investigate your company, it’s only a matter of time before investigators request to interview you.

Next, your information needs to be original. For a tip to be original, you need to have become aware of the information from a source that isn’t public knowledge. Rumors heard on the job can be considered original as long as you were the first person to report the information in question.

For the SEC to consider you for an award, it needs to find enough supporting evidence to take enforceable action against the violating company. Tips that are critical to the success of an ongoing investigation are more likely to result in action by the SEC.

Additionally, and probably most importantly, you won’t be able to win an award as a whistleblower unless the SEC is able to recover sanctions of at least $1,000,000—of which you will be entitled to anywhere from 10 to 30 percent.

At first glance, you might not be able to tell whether the tip you have will meet this criteria. With a qualified Florida SEC whistleblower lawyer from Meissner Associates at your side, you’ll quickly understand whether you can expect to win an award based on the information you’re considering handing over to the SEC.

What Counts as a Securities Violation?

Investors and employees of companies that work in the world of securities alike have a difficult time detecting investment schemes and other SEC violations, despite the knowledge they have of the industry. However some types of fraud are much more easily recognized that others. These could include the following:

Learning of any of these kinds of violations, or any others you might become aware of, will likely require you to reach out to the SEC as soon as possible. If you wait, your Florida whistleblower award could be reduced to nothing if someone else tips the SEC off before you get the chance to.

The Fear of Retaliation

Across the state of Florida—and across the country, for that matter—whistleblowers are afraid to report tips about fraud because they fear being retaliated against by their employers.

Employers are not legally allowed to retaliate against employees they believe might have reported fraudulent activity to the SEC. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Dodd-Frank Act both contain strict regulations that bar employers from demoting, terminating, defaming, harassing, or being hostile with whistleblowers at work. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always prevent them from doing so.

If your employer does make the mistake of retaliating against you for reporting to the SEC, you’ll be able to bring the company to court and possibly recover retroactive lost wages, your position within the company, and many other losses you might have endured. In addition, the SEC may impose sanctions and fines as punishment for your employer’s poor behavior.

A whistleblower lawyer in Florida can also take steps to protect your identity as you move forward with your tip, further diminishing the chance you’ll be retaliated against for coming forward.

Speak with a Florida Whistleblower Attorney

Knowledge of possible securities violations can have a dramatic impact on your life. Contact a capable Florida whistleblower lawyer at Meissner Associates, and rest assured you’ll be protected from retaliation while you seek an award for your tip. You can schedule a free consultation by filling out the secure contact form below or calling us at 1-866-764-3100.