How Does the SEC Whistleblower Program Work?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) implemented the office of the whistleblower as a way to encourage would-be whistleblowers to report their tips. In exchange, the whistleblower may then be eligible for a whistleblower award. 

Below, we discuss what it takes to become a whistleblower, the SEC reporting process, and when whistleblowers are awarded for their efforts in coming forward with information regarding securities violations and investment fraud. 

Becoming a Whistleblower

The SEC is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the securities world and financial markets. As such, they rely on whistleblowers to provide them with information surrounding investment schemes and other types of fraudulent activity that impacts investors and the general public. 

If you believe you have a tip for the SEC, you should get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible, as there are strict criteria that will need to be met before you could be eligible for an award. 

You Could Be Awarded for Your Bravery

When a whistleblower is the first to come forward with valuable information that enables the SEC to take enforceable action against the violating individual or company in question, the whistleblower can become eligible for a whistleblower award. 

The SEC provides awards both as an incentive and because blowing the whistle comes with significant personal risk. The amount you’ll be awarded will vary, but your award will be based upon the amount of monetary sanctions the SEC is able to recover after their investigation has uncovered securities violations. 

Schedule Your Confidential Tip Evaluation with an SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

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